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SET 000 - SERIES 8

This set is truly a bare-bones mini set with just 36 parts. There is only one version.
It has an "economy" box made of thin cardboard. The box size is based on a 3 x 3 ground plate.

Despite the metal corner reinforcements, these boxes aren't very sturdy. The only other box made this way is a Set 00.

This is the only Moubal box lid featuring finger cut-outs on the sides.

The image on the lid requires a much larger set! Strangely, the picture has round windows, while Set 000 only exists with square windows.

Printed on the inside of the lid is an illustrated table of contents, which correctly shows a square window.

- Box lid dimensions: 239
x 239 mm
- Parts: 36
- Weight: 0.4 kg
- Comes with: simple fold-out 000 manual with 4 designs, an assembly instruction sheet and a price list.

Lid                                                                                     Bottom                                                                          Contents

    Table of contens is printed direclt on  lid                     
The side of the lid has finger cut-outs. This is the              Four-page fold-out manual. Note the logo.
only Moubal set to ever that. Corners are reinforced
                                                                                         with metal clips, but in many sets these are torn off.

   Contents list all 36 parts                                  Price list (1934, 1935 or 1936)                                                                 Instruction leaflet

Set courtesy Leen Kalden