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Introduced in 1935, this set with 160 parts fills the gap between Set 0 (with 111 parts) and Set 1 (with 252 parts).

A year later, in 1936, Moubal introduces a smaller Set 1 with 174 parts, at which point the difference between Set 01 and Set 1 becomes rather small, although Set 1 has many larger parts missing in Set 01.


   This set was seen on Marktplaats. It has square windows in the illustration, characteristic of Series 9 sets.

SET 01 - SERIES 10

   Lid, featuring the illustration by artist Harmsen van Beek

   Set contents list, glued to inside of lid. Text below the table translates as:
   "With this Set 01, all models from MOBACO sets 00 and 0 can be built, as well as numerous appealing constructions using your own fantasy."

    Above set courtesy Johan Jager

   This example from Marktplaats shows reinforced corners, and a bottom with a different color

SET 01 - SERIES 12

   Lid, with dark green printing, light textured paper, and the Harmsen van Beek illustration

   Sticker indicates that this set was priced in accordance with the law of 27 May 1947.
   The price of fl. 8.25 indicates it was from before 1950, when the price was fl 11.20. Set 01 is not shown in the
   1949 advertisement, but those prices were higher than in 1950, so this set must be from 1947 or 1948.

    Above set courtesy Johan Jager

   This set found on Marktplaats shows that it came with the red and black 0 and 1 gnomes manual.
   It also shows how the 4 x 4 ground plate neatly fits in the box.

SET 01 - SERIES 13

   Lid, with the smaller and clumsier illustration characteristic of Series 13.

   Bottom, made with white paper with a red grid printed on it.

   Contents show both the 3 x 3 and 4 x 4 ground plates that came with Set 01.

   Set contents list is glued to the inside of the lid.

   The contents list sticker appears identical to the one used in Series 10

   Corners of both the lid and bottom are reinforced. The reinforcement looks different from the usual reinforcements, as
   it has holes in the corner, and the top and bottom indicate is was cut from a perforated strip that was then bent and
   pressed into the cardboard.

    Above set courtesy Leen Kalden

   This example was found on Marktplaats, together we a Set 0 of the same series.