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Set 0A is introduced in 1936. It has all the parts to upgrade a Set 0 to the later, smaller Set 1. Set 1 originally had 252 parts, but in 1936 contents of Set 1 were reduced to 174 parts.

Set 0 has 111 parts, set 0A has 80 parts, so 0 + 0A has 191 parts, which is 17 parts more than the smaller Set 1!

After merging sets 0 and 0A, you end up with these extra parts relative to Set 1: 6x 26, 4x 27, 2x 40, 1x 41, 1x 42, 1x 44, 1x 51, 1x 86.

The smaller Set 1 and Set 0A are introduced at the same time, so it's surprising that the upgrade doesn't quite fit...

The Set 0A box is the same size as a Set 1 box. It is large enough to add all the Set 0 parts into the Set 0A box.

The longest part in Set 0A are #3 columns, which are ~251 mm long.

- Box lid dimensions:  310 x 240 mm
- 111 parts
- 1.4 kg

So far, we have only found two versions of this set.


Series 10 is characterized by heavy textured paper and the Harmsen van Beek drawing with three kids playing.

   Small print states: (This box is a supplement from set No. 0 to set No. 1).

   The bottom of the box is printed with a wood grain-like orange pattern. The price sticker states that pricing is in accordance
   with regulations dated 27 May 1947. In 1950 the price was higher (fl. 9.00), and although we don't have the price for this set
   in 1949, all known sets were more expensive in 1949 than they were in 1950, so presumably Set 0A too. That means this
   set must be from 1947 or 1948.

   Contents list is glued to the inside of the lid.

   Contents of this example exceed what would be in a Set 0A. It probably contains Set 0 + 0A.

    Detail of the parts list. Note that the green window is shown upside down!

   Paper structure of lid.

   Detail of corner shows that bottom box is taller than the lid. The lid rests on the bottom box.
   The bottom box has no corner reinforcements. The reinforcement of the lid is silver colored. The paper texture is visible.
   There is a silver imprint "ZHC P" on the side. This could refer to the Zuid-Hollandsche Cartonnagefabriek in Delft,
   established in 1916, which went bankrupt in 2009 and was absorbed by Schut Hoes Cartons (SHC) in Eerbeek.
   Above set courtesy of Leen Kalden


This series has paper with less pronounced embossing, a smaller and less sophisticated illustration, and inexpensive paper at the bottom.

    Lid. Note the error with the brackets: there are two left brackets and no right brackets.


     Inside of lid

   Contents. There are more parts than in a Set 0A, so probably Set 0 + Set 0A

Detail of the parts list. It is identical to Series 10, with the green window shown upside down.

   Corner detail with black reinforcements at both top and bottom. Lid rests on taller bottom box. Structure of paper is visible.

   Paper texture of lid                                                                      Detail of printing on bottom paper


   Although the general aspect is the same, there are lots of small differences between Series 10 and Series 13:
   Series 10                                                                                   Series 13

   Above set courtesy of Leen Kalden