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Set 1 is released with the introduction of Mobaco in 1924, and is produced through its entire history until the early 1950's. It has the most variations of any set.

In 1936, Mobaco reduces the number of parts in Set 1 from 252 to 174, but the box size remains unchanged.

I have not found examples of all series, if you have an example not shown, please contact me (see Home page).


Simple red box, with logo along the top, and "Made in Holland".


Above set
courtesy HONGS


This set was found on an auction site in Uruguay. It comes with the large "village" manual with models for Sets 1 through 4.


   Overview. The longest columns in Set 1 are #3 and easily fit the width of the box.

   Manual front cover. Note No. 1 in the top-right corner.

   Manual rear cover

   Inside the manual. Click here to view this Manual in a new tab/window.

    Above set
found on auction website in Uruguay


I have two examples using this general layout, with a different paper texture. In the left example, the paper has a leathery structure, while the in the right example it has thin curly lines, like a fingerprint (see detail below). In the left example the image is glued in a recessed area.



This example has an embossed area for the illustration. The illustration is also used in this price list.


   Bottom of box

   Inside of lid. There is no contents sticker, nor any traces that there may have been one.

   Contents. Fitting all the pieces is a puzzle! If you don't do it efficiently, the lid will stick out.


   Detail of image and paper structure. Embossing around image is clearly visible.

   Price at KRAAL is fl. 5.50, and the date is June 1926. This was the price from 1924 through 1932, and possibly 1933. 

    Above set courtesy of Leen Kalden


Same layout, but different paper (see detail below), and no recessed area for the image.



   Inside of lid with pasted-on contents list.


   The manual fits snugly in the box.

   Front cover of manual, with No.1 in the top-right corner. This is the same manual as in the Uruguay box above.

   Back cover of the manual.


   This list is for the original, larger Set 1, with 252 parts.
   The list has date stamp (here crossed out) and initials of the person who packed the set.
   Playing with color settings reveals the date to be 23 March 1928

   The image on the lid is also used for this price list.

   Paper texture, can only be seen when light hits it at a certain angle. Actual color is browner.

Above set
courtesy of Leen Kalden


In this series, the illustration on the lid is of a house with round windows.

I have three examples with the same layout, but different paper colors. I think the chronological order is as follows:
- bordeaux-red example: serial number is 17397
- reddish example: serial number is 17759 (later). Window parts in the box have round tops
- light brown example: this set has square window parts, which were introduced later (in ±1931)



This set had no contents, only the box.

    Lid, bordeaux-red.

    Bottom, orange-red

    Inside lid

    Illustration is set into a depression with black ink. Note the paper texture with fingerprint-like curls.

    Above set courtesy of Leen Kalden


This set is complete with parts and manual, and has round window parts.


   Bottom, same color as set above.

    Inside of lid. The discoloration in the middle shows there once was a contents list glued to the
    inside of the lid.
It is unclear whether the roman numeral III was written by Mobaco.

    Contents with round windows

   Illustration on lid, printed with black + 4 spot colors (gray, red, green, tan).


    Manual is folded to fit in the box.

    Both top and bottom corners are reinforced.

   This Art Deco Set 1+2 manual still had pages with curly Art Nouveau borders.

Above set courtesy of Leen Kalden


Many sets discolor over time, but the overview picture also shows the color in relation to the rest of the set, and it clearly is a light brown box. This is the only example with this color paper found so far.


   Overview. Note the manual with the curly Art Nouveau borders. The large 1 at the top of the page indicates this is the version with
   the squarish Art Deco cover, same as the above set. Also note the square windows, which suggests the set is from 1931 or later.

   Above set courtesy of HONGS


New logo, in silver! But same image of the house with round windows as in Series 6. Text around image is the same as the text formerly around the logo.



    Inside lid with table of contents pasted on.

   Contents. Note the square windows (despite the Table of Contents and the box illustration showing round windows).

    Same illustration as in Series 6, printed in with black and 4 spot colors.

    Detail of set number shows the paper structure

    Corner reinforcements

   Contents list. Note the rounded window. This set still has 252 parts, so from before 1936.

Above set
courtesy of Leen Kalden. Note that the Table of Contents and Contents with parts are from another set of this same series.


Identical to Series 8, except illustration now has square windows, and columns have been simplified.


Above set courtesy of HONGS

    Overview. Note the colored 00+0+1 gnome manual with square window.

 Above set
courtesy of Deventer Museum


This series has an illustration by artist Harmsen van Beek. "Produit Néerlandais" is added along the top of the image.

The Table of Contents shows that this is the smaller Set 1 with just 176 parts. So its from 1936 or later.



    Inside of lid with illustrated contents list.


    Detail of the Harmsen van Beek illustration. Note his initials "HvB" under the foot of the kneeling boy.

   Detail of Table of contents. Note window has square openings.
   This smaller Set 1 comes with a 3 x 3 and a 4 x 4 ground plate, while the original Set 1 had just one 4 x 4 plate.

   Cover of 00+0+1 gnome manual with square window (same as Series 9).

    Corner reinforcement. Shows paper texture.

Above set
courtesy of Leen Kalden

Here two examples found on Marktplaats:

   According to seller, this set is from 1941.                       According to seller, this set is from 1935.
   I has the 0+1 red and black manual.

   Above sets courtesy of Marktplaats


This series much resembles Series 10, with several notable differences: The illustration is smaller. It's been redrawn, a somewhat clumsy copy of Harmsen van Beek's illustration. His initials are no longer on the drawing. The printing now uses half-tone to produce some of the lighter colors, instead of using spot colors. And the typeface of No 1 is more modern. These changes suggest this series came later than Series 10.


    Bottom. Paper has a red grid printed on it, slightly wavy, like cheese cloth.

   Inside of the lid.

    Contents, with square windows and the same manual as Series 10.

   Table of contents are identical to Series 10, and are for the smaller version of Set 1 (introduced in 1936).

   Manual 00+0+1 with Harmsen van Beek's colorful gnome.

    Detail of number, showing texture of paper

Above set
courtesy of Leen Kalden


This series is unique in a few ways. So far, only Set 0 and Set 1 have been found like this.

Paper is bright red with a leathery texture, and printing is black.

The construction of the box is very different from all other versions, with folded corners connected with copper staples. See Set 0 for details.

This series is very much like Series 11 and 12, except that the little zero in "No. 1" only has a single underline instead of two.

   Lid with illustration of model, 4 languages around it, and a modern typeface for the number.


    Table of contents features a printer code.

Above set
courtesy of Marktplaats

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